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BrainFPV RADIX LI 20x20

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BrainFPV RADIX LI 20x20 On top of the normal Betaflight OSD, RADIX LI on-screen-display gives you extra features you can't get anywhere else. Proudly show off your pilot and team logo using our logo customizer with just a click of a button. Extra features also include a graphical barometer scale, artificial horizon, gyro spectograph, RC stick display, 3D OSD support and more!

There are WAY MORE features then customising your logo on the splash screen. Features you cannot get with the normal Betaflight OSD. You have heard about the graphical features of our OSD. But what exactly are they, and how do I use them? Find out about all the cool features and how to enable them here: HOW TO PIMP YOUR BRAINFPV OSD

RADIX LI can be used with any 4-in-1 ESC on the market. It comes with cables and connectors to easily make your own wiring harness. To make things even easier, we have a RADIX LI & Spedix IS25 4-in-1 combo that is truly plug-and-play.

RADIX, Compared to the RADIX LI
20mm hole spacing, 26.5mm x 26.5mm outside dimensions

5V Regulator 
Can be powered directly from a 3S - 6S LiPo battery (500mA BEC built-in)

You can attach a GPS to it if you want to know how high you are

N0 Micro SD Slot
Who needs blackbox if you can use the custom BrainFPV OSD spectrograph for tuning?

NO Analog RSSI Input
Using RSSI or LQ over an RC channel is more common and more accurate anyways.


  • RADIX LI flight controller
  • Silicone anti-vibration grommets 4x
  • BrainFPV 4-in-1 ESC cable kit (cables and connectors to make a cable that works with any 4-in-1 ESC with a JST-SH 7 pin, 8 pin, or 10 pin connector)