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DAL Cyclone T5051C 2xCW 2xCCW

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Product Description

DAL Cyclone T5051C Since the first Cyclone, DAL props have been designed by a leading aerodynamics professor in China. Within the first few seconds of flying a Cyclone propeller, you can feel the freedom of control like a breath of fresh air. This special quality has been distinctly maintained throughout the Cyclone line again and again, and you will feel it with the T5051C. 

In cooperation with one of the fastest pilots in the game, Shaun "NytFury" Taylor has provided DAL with specific needs to race at championship levels consistently, battery after battery. No research option was spared until both DAL and Shaun were happy with the final result.

The extreme pitch on these props gives insane thrust and extreme throttle response. This mean propeller has all of those attributes and only weighs 3.3g. This makes these props perfect for an ultralight build that demands extreme power, just be aware of the increased amps and power draw these will require.

With hundreds of thousands of sets sold each month, the Cyclone line of props have been some of the most successful props the industry has ever seen. The T5051C is a fantastic addition to the line.


  • Name: CYCLONE T5051C Props
  • Length: 5inch
  • Inner Diametre: 5mm
  • Weight: 3.3g


  • 2 x CW props, 2 x CCW props


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